Sister-brother duo Margaret Alabi and David Alabi launched The Pivot Consulting Group, LLC the moment they realized people of color, themselves included, needed coaching from like-minded mentors to prepare them to compete for access to mainstream corporate America, as well as promotion once inside these well-guarded institutions.

Based on this disquieting recognition of how unprepared minorities are to win career shaping internships, entry-level jobs, and promotions—even those graduating from the most prestigious universities—Margaret and David introduced individualized coaching sessions in 2013. Building on this success, Pivot Consulting now offers professional development workshops, keynote presentations, panel discussions, leadership training, and group coaching.

Clients and diversity hiring specialists began referring to The Pivot Consulting Group, LLC as simply “The Pivot” acknowledging Alabis’ mission to turn culturally diverse people toward leadership roles and move hiring managers to people of color.

Today, with increasing brand awareness, a growing list of university clients, and an ever-widening pipeline to diversity hiring managers, this boutique-consulting firm is in the right place at the right time.

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